Friday, April 16, 2010

My life (the reality series)

If I made a reality series about my own life, it might look something like this:

I really have to say gracias to my two co-stars who are being really good sports about becoming characters in "Jenny the opera singer, a reality show". Daniel Belcher doesn't have a website that I can link to, but Nicholas Phan does - and a blog. Thanks guys.


Unknown said...

Wow, I am impressed. You are getting good with the camera already and the best part was, your opera dog, Ella, sang along with you during the time I was playing your vocal warmup from the video. It was so funny, she sat up on the window sill and put her head up and howled just like a wolf, but very controlled and musical, she was trying really hard to stay in tune, Then when you were finished, she kept singing. I got doubly entertained today.

Georgia said...

Haha!!! We just watched it. How fun. I must admit I hid my head in my hands while watching the part where you biked over that bridge (I got nervous just WALKING over that bridge, let alone biking AND filming) but you are braver than me.
BTW, I met Andrew Mccarthy once in the elevator at the Mandarin Oriental.

Becca Anne said...

that was awesome! And I love his voice! How fun. Thanks for sharing :)

Christoff said...

Very enjoyable, lots of fun following the blog's expansion into the video realm. Hoping for a solid 30 days of video :) Regards & best future wishes from Rietvallei, South Africa (another dot covered in Sestissimo's global reach)

me said...

a. you are awesome.
b. what video camera did you buy?
and c.
you're getting good at that thing already! chapter titles, background music, what's next?!?!

Unknown said...

love it! thanks for sharing!

Katypracht said...

I threw up a little when you were biking, but it's a gorgeous ride! Big thumbs-up for the video blogging, it's fun!

:) K

jmz said...

:-) when i started watching this video, i made a bet with myself that there would be some tap dancing before the end... i knew it !!!


sestissimo said...

Well then JMZ, you won't be surprised to learn that I managed to incorporate tap dancing into the show as well (just in the staging today as a matter of fact). What can I say? You know me well.