Tuesday, April 29, 2008

very long day

I am about to fall asleep on my computer, so I'll make it brief. I had rehearsal today from 10:30 AM until 11:30 PM, and again tomorrow morning at 10:30, so I am too tired to be very witty and observant. 

We have now officially moved to the stage, and being on the set this early is a luxury no company in the U.S. ever has. The set is totally fantastic, and it actually helps the acoustic because it is closed in the back and on top. As I was leaving after the morning rehearsal, I ran into a singer that was in a production of Figaro I did in Hong Kong almost two years ago, who was in Torino to sing an audition. He's italian, so it's not that weird that he would be doing an audition in Italy, but it's always jarring to see someone from another experience in your life in the current experience. Without thinking I started speaking Italian to him, and his response was "wait - you don't speak Italian!" (I didn't really speak Italian in Hong Kong). Well, I guess I do now! After his audition he came with me and another singer in the cast to lunch, although he only had a drink and had to catch his train. I kept saying "it's so weird to see you here!" and his reply was "well, it's weirder for ME to see YOU here - I'm actually from Italy!" He had a point. 

Finally tonight the second cast got a chance to get up on our feet and start staging. The actual director didn't show up, but his able assistant was there to talk us through the blocking, and the conductor was kind enough to come, which we all appreciated. The staging went well, and we all remembered what to do quite ably, considering none of us had ever done any of it before. I sang Parto Parto lying on the ground. I didn't like it, but I did it. Now I really have to try to go to sleep because my brain is really starting to shut down. Wish me luck that I get everything done tomorrow that I need to because thursday is another holiday and everything will be closed again. Pray for my laundry. 

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