Monday, April 28, 2008

my brain is full

For the the first two weeks of rehearsal, I was like a sponge. Even though the rehearsal process happened to be particularly slow with a lot of character discussions and not a lot of action, I was so hyper focused on making sure that I understood the Italian, that I was rarely bored. Today that all changed. My brain didn't want to listen to and process Italian any more. They were finishing up the final scene and doing their usual table reading of the recits before any staging happened, and I found I just couldn't concentrate adequately to listen to all that was being said. It was like my brain was full and no more would fit. But I wasn't the only one who seemed dizzy with information - I noticed the rest of the second cast was particularly restless and giddy today. There is only so much watching one can do before one starts to go crazy with a desire to do something. Luckily, we have our very own 4 hour rehearsal tomorrow night. 

I wasn't able to do my laundry today because I have to do it during the hours that the hotel staff is present, which is always when I am in rehearsal. I wrote an email to an Italian friend of mine who lives in New York that Italy was such a fantastic country - how could he have wanted to move away from here? I was feeling like I never wanted to leave! He responded that he loves and misses his country, but that I should try to do something like going to the post office, and then tell him if I still wanted to stay here forever. I see what he means. While I love the food and the beautiful art and culture that pervade this country, I also really miss being able to buy grapefruit juice at 11:30 PM and being able to do my laundry on Sunday when I actually have the day off from rehearsing. 

Then again, happiness is the freshest bunch of basil you've ever seen, a full ripe tomato, and handmade mozzarella. I guess my laundry can wait a couple more days. It's a trade off, but right now the tomatoes are still winning.

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