Friday, August 20, 2010


Yeah, I've been away from the blog, and from singing in general this week. I pulled out Kindertotenlieder today, which is my next project (in the beginning of October in Austria) and looked at it for about 4.3 minutes before putting it away again. I did download an amazing recording of Christa Ludwig singing them - man, that lady had breath control for days and days. Not only are my body and mind not ready to learn music again just yet, but every time I read the poems I get horribly depressed. I will really have to learn the music without thinking about the text, and then at the very end, internalize what the text means. I want to have those poems (about the death of the poets child, for those of you who don't know them) in my soul for as short a time as possible. I don't even like to see sad movies - what can I say?

In the meantime, I was pleased (and a little shocked) to discover a review from L'Olimpiade that appeared in the New York Times. Here's the link. I haven't even had the courage to read the German language reviews yet, but you can't really avoid the New York Times even if you try.

And here are some images from the production:

I'll be back soon, I promise. Until then, pass the wine and keep me away from german lieder.


michelle said...

I love Mahler a lot, but kindertotenlieder are really hard to swallow. The music always make me sob. I can't imagine singing through it. You should here kathleen ferrier's interpretation too. They are remarkable

Definitely the Opera said...

Sounds divine. The Innsbruck Early Music Festival posted some fabulous pictures from L'Olimpiade on their Facebook account. Maybe later they'll share a clip or three, fingers crossed.

Janet said...

Congratulations! and (spoiler alert) when you do decide to face the reviews, you have nothing to fear. They don't get as specific as one might wish, but all the ones I found are favorable, and they all approve of you. I look forward to the DVD.

Paul from Orlando said...

Congratulations on an amazing review from the Times!

I found your blog via a link from OperaNow. I enjoy your posts --- thanks for giving us your behind-the-scenes look at the life of a performer.

I look forward to the CD release!

tiham, il fantasma dell'opera said...

OK, here's a little something to "pass the wine and keep you away from german lieder" but à la mode opera :

"J’ai vu le dieu Bacchus, sur sa roche fertile,
Donnant à ses sujets ses joyeuses leçons :
Le faune au pied de chèvre et la nymphe docile
Répétaient ses chansons.
Évohé ! Bacchus m’inspire,
Je sens en moi
Son saint délire,
Évohé ! Bacchus est roi !
Laissez, leur disait-il, les tristesses moroses,
Laissez les noirs soucis aux profanes humains.
Et vous, couronnez-vous des pampres et des roses
Qui tombent de mes mains !
Évohé ! Bacchus m’inspire,
Je sens en moi
Son saint délire !
Évohé ! Bacchus est roi !"

A little Offenbach is always great, especially if you've got to spend time learning Kindertotenlieder...