Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Talking on camera

So, today Danny, Nick and I went on a local Portland television show to promote our performances. After we left, I commented, "Remember that time we all got interviewed, and Danny answered all the questions, Nick cracked jokes and I just sat there looking stunned?" After watching the clip on the internet, I see that I didn't look too stunned, but I have to admit that they were playing those clips from yesterday's dress rehearsal on the monitors while we were talking, and when they started playing Una Voce, my aria, I was totally focused on watching it and and analyzing my own performance, and not on what we were talking to the host about. In fact, when I watched the whole clip of the interview just now, I was honestly hearing the things Nick was saying for the first time, even though I had been sitting right next to him as he said them. I'm like Narcissus falling into the water because I'm too busy staring at my own reflection. Yikes. Anyway, it was fun and funny, and I'm glad Portland Opera is really working all the PR angles because every community should be doing that in order to make opera more accessible to the mainstream. If this teeny version is causing you undue eyestrain, click menu and you can look at a full screen, albeit slightly pixilated version:

click here for link to the website containing clip
(I had to remove the embedded clip because it played automatically every time you pulled up my blog, and I didn't want everyone who looks at my blog from now on for all eternity to have to listen to a clip of me not talking on an interview just because they want to look at my blog)

And just for fun, here's a video interview that Nick, Steven Condy and I did for the Portland Opera website about our characters in the opera:

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