Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have absolutely nothing to say today. Some days are just like that. Instead, here's a video of me singing. I love writing, but as they say; Don't quit your day job:

This is the love duet from the world premiere of Elmer Gantry (Nashville Opera) with Keith Phares as Elmer and yours truly as Sharon Falconer. Fun fact; Keith was actually my college boyfriend. Luckily, we have remained friends all these years since, otherwise doing this scene would have been AWK-WARD. When I was pulling this from youtube, I noticed that one of the comments asked whether this was the same Jennifer Rivera who runs the blog. Yes. It's me. Thank god there are no other singers who share my exact name. I mean, except that Puerto Rican pop singer Jenni Rivera who made the sex tape. I want someone to comment on one of her youtube videos asking if she writes a blog. Now that would be awesome.

Elmer Gantry was composed by Robert Aldridge with libretto by Herschel Garfein.

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Unknown said...

Since I first saw him back in my NYCO working days, I've always thought Mr. Phares was a smoking hot piece of tasty.

Haven't seen Gantry, but remember the very positive reviews. Some company should revive it.