Sunday, November 8, 2009

And now for a complete change of scenery:

New Orleans.

I have now gone from eating Bratwurst in Berlin to eating Jambalaya in New Orleans in less than a week, from freezing cold rain to 75 degrees, and from corsets to sword fights. My head should be spinning, but I'm too busy enjoying myself.

I also went from singing a part that sort of stresses me out to one that couldn't really be less stressful. That is, except for the sword fighting part. I'm singing Stephano in Romeo et Juliette (he's Romeo's page, a non shakespearean addition to the opera), and while the aria he sings is charming and easy and fun, the sword fight that follows takes some concentration. We had our first meeting with the fight coordinator last night, and I kept apologizing for the fact that I'm a girl. Which is stupid, because girls make great fencers - the problem is that I'm a klutzy girl, and if you put a sword in my hand and I might quite literally put someone's eye out. All of the other guys doing the fighting are pretty athletic and have had some sword fighting experience - my only experience was the last time I sang this role, and I felt equally uncoordinated at that point. My problem is that I tend to over-think the moves; instead of just letting myself naturally parry and thrust, I start to forget how to tell my right from my left. Of course, I'm in no actual danger because all the moves are created to keep one's partner safe (even if one's partner is lacking in the grace and strength departments). But the thing is, I want to look tough and butch, not like some three muskateers reject.

However, I am good at all things pratfall related, so when my partner has to smack me on the butt with his sword and knock me to the floor, I'm golden. It's just the parry / thrusting that I'm still a little fuzzy about. But according to our fight coordinator, I'm well on the road to studville. I just have to keep my eye on the target and concentrate. And maybe do some push-ups. And also, maybe take some steroids.

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