Wednesday, April 29, 2009

War Wounds

Often when I play pants roles, I end up with mild injuries. Usually they are bruises on my knees from all the kneeling that inevitably occurs, and sometimes I pull muscles in my neck and back from running around like a teenager. In this production of Lucrezia Borgia, I have incurred some injuries which are completely mysterious to me. I have these two bruises on the back of my thigh, and I have absolutely no idea how they got there. I know they occured during my two dress rehearsals, but I don't know how I got them. I spent the next couple of rehearsals watching the other Orsini to see if any of her positions looked "bruisey" but they didn't. But these are serious bruises, so you'd think I'd remember getting them. However, I have absolutely no idea where they came from - my best guess is either from sitting backwards in a chair and swinging myself around too furiously or from leaning too vigorously against either a spiral staircase or a bed frame. But I still can't pinpoint the actual moment, so I may incur yet another beauty during one of the remaining performances. I think something might be seriously wrong with me that I can bruise like this and not notice.


Unknown said...

It is called adrenalin.

Katypracht said...

Or anemia. :)
Hold onto those photos for a future domestic abuse trial. That's good stuff! kidding. Be careful out there. :)

Anonymous said...

"leaning too vigorously".... lol. How does one lean vigorously? : )