Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Smile...or else

Tonight after the dress rehearsal, this "helpful" conversation took place between me and one of the guys in the chorus who had never previously spoken to me:

Him: You sound great!

Me: Thanks so much!

Him: But don't forget to smile.

Me: Huh?

Him: Well, you know, you just look better when you smile.

I found this exchange, which started out so nicely, to be infuriating for several reasons:

1. I was playing a character, so obviously, when she was happy I was smiling, and when she was sad I was frowning. Is he suggesting that I am supposed to smile all the time regardless of how my character is feeling?

2. I realize that sometimes when not in character and not focusing I sometimes frown, but I'm SOOOOO over having to plaster a fake smile on my face at all times for no reason.

3. I have a particular pet peeve about people commanding other people to smile. It happens to me sometimes on the streets of new york, where some guy will pass by me and say "SMILE!" as if I am responsible for pleasing him with my personal expressions.

Why oh WHY do people think they need to "help" other people with "advice"? Here's a tip: Any time you begin a phrase with "Don't forget", you're probably maybe not being so "helpful". But don't forget to smile when you're giving that oh so helpful advice, because at least then you'll look good.


Unknown said...

"smile darn ya, smile, just let a smile be your umbrella, when yer smilin the whole world smiles with you, sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy, the sun will come out tomorrow, you are my sunshine, happy days are here again, don't worry be happy." Just thought I would annoy you.

Katypracht said...

Next time someone tells you to smile, say, "don't tell me what to do, Mo Fo."
That's my M.O., fo' sho.