Thursday, October 23, 2008

Barbiere opening

So, tonight was the opening of Barbiere here at Opera Pacific. It's 12:48 and I just got home. I think it went well - I mean, I guess I can't really be sure, but I know that nothing happened that made me too upset, so I guess that means it was a success. It's funny - my high notes, which is what I'd been worrying about - were fine I think, but I had a few issues with the extreme low notes from the opening night nerves. But all in all, I guess it went well. It's so hard to tell!! And I didn't have anyone in the audience to tell me how I did, so I guess I just have to rely on my own judgement. But yeah. It was good. I think. Or at least it wasn't bad. The audience gave us a standing ovation, so I think that at least the production was successful. Yay us!


Rafael Rivera said...

Jenny, You were wonderful and so was the show. Even though we could not be there in person, we saw it in our knowledge of you, your dedication and your spirit. Never doubt. Love ya. Ella and Millie

Katypracht said...

You opened on a Wednesday?! Argh! I'm sorry I didn't send you a toi, toi, toi...I just assumed it'd be tomorrow. (boo me.)
I'm glad you felt good about your show, and of COURSE they gave you a standing ovation! What's not to love?
Wishing I'd seen it myself,