Tuesday, June 3, 2008

She's Baaa-aaack

What can I say, it turns out I do really like blogging.

I thought I was adjusting remarkably well to the time change and avoiding jet-lag for the most part, until I passed out drooling and snoring on the couch tonight at 9:30 during Hilary Clinton's supposed history making speech. I woke up again in time to see the beginning of Obama's speech, but when I felt myself drifting off I figured I'd better get off the couch and walk it off, which led me right over here to the computer and my new favorite past-time. Also on the "not quite ready to admit I'm not in Italy" front, I went out for dinner with Georgia last night at an italian restaurant, I forced the poor unsuspecting Italian waiter to talk to me in Italian, followed by a trip to the new york outpost of Grom, the gelateria that exists in only two places; Torino and New York City. Just to be fair, it was Georgia's idea to eat Italian, and to go to Grom, but I'm certain she was suggesting those two ideas because of the forlorn, nostalgic look I was getting in my eye at the mere mention of the word Torino.

I marched into my agent's office today and told him that I was officially addicted to working in Italy and/or Europe, and that if he didn't get me more jobs there, I would die. I actually said that to him. The good news is that he totally gets what I'm talking about - my agents are the only ones in new york who speak multiple languages and conduct more than half of their business in Europe, so they know why their artists want to work there.

So let's all cross our fingers and pray to all that is holy that by the end of this year Americans will be feeling the love abroad - both our country as a whole as a result of our exciting and uniting first black president, and one of our countrywomen specifically - me! Amen.

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Tornerai presto, ne sono sicuro! V.