Wednesday, July 7, 2010


As I sit here in my room, glancing out my window at the imposing Alps....... who SAYS stuff like that??? Well, apparently me. I went from American/British iconoclastic to Italian idyllic to Chicago urbania to being stared down by a famous mountain range in the period of 10 days. It's all almost too much for me to digest, and I'm living it! This is the view out my bedroom window here in Innsbruck, where I arrived today after flying Chicago to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Munich, and a two hour car ride into this Austrian paradise. And I arrived in my new apartment, opened up the windows, and nearly passed out.

After this whirlwind week, I am much too tired to string together too many coherent sentences. I just have to plug the OperaNow! podcast, on which I was an in house panelist this week. We discussed a lot of interesting subjects including baroque style and whether glottal coloratura (or ha ha coloratura as we often fondly call it) is better or worse than legato coloratura. I enjoy these passionate discussions - even if they're just about whether or not you're putting h's in your phrases. Now off to sleep - tomorrow, first day of staging!


Danube Daughter said...

So, is the "ha ha" coloratura better than the legato one? :) Congrats on resisting so great on the changes and the ...going around and turning back and leaving again. I love everything about you,your voice and the way you write. All my good thoughts are towards you! Have a wonderful day!

posa26 said...

I am just listening to the end of the latest OperaNow podcast, and definitely, I was directed to it via your blog. I love both of them - the guys on the podcast are hilarious, and it's great to hear such informed, yet witty, discussion of opera. Your blog is is incredible Jenny - your insights into the singer's life are refreshing and insightful. All the best in Innsbruck.