Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh my god how much longer

Until my 30 day self imposed purgatory is up?????

It's not purgatory - I like writing my blog. I really liked interviewing my friend Kate last night, and some of my entries where I thought I had nothing to say and just started writing actually ended up surprising me. But seriously - forcing myself to blog every day was a terrible idea. Now I've started putting it off and putting it off until well after midnight and then I drag myself to the computer, only to realize that I have absolutely nothing of interest to say. And then I think: how many more days did I tell myself I would do this?

Also, remember a couple of weeks ago when I was whining about the fact that I wasn't busy enough, and wished I could be working again right that second? Well, now that I am realizing that I leave in a week and a half, and will be gone for 4 months straight with no breaks, living in three different weather seasons, three different time zones, and two different countries, I am wondering WHAT THE HELL I DID WITH ALL THAT FREE TIME?? I guess I took a little vacation - that's okay I suppose. But now I am faced with packing up my apartment (sigh - I just painted and redecorated my bedroom, only to say goodbye to my cool new digs), and figuring out all the stuff I'll need for the next FOUR MONTHS!! I almost always get to go home in between gigs for at least a day, and three back to back gigs with no break in between is totally unheard of. And just what I've been wanting - so settle down Rivera, pack your boots and your sandals, your jackets and your tank tops, and a whole bunch of opera scores - and get back up into the saddle.

On a side note, my interview last night with Kate got me thinking about how I would answer the questions I asked her, and a big one for me is what roles I am totally dying to sing. The answer for me is; Oktavian in Rosenkavalier and Idamante in Idomeneo. I'm just putting that out there in the universe - I am willing ready and able to sing those two rascals, so bring it on world. Got it?


pat said...

It just shows your sense of adventure to set out with a goal to write everyday for 30 days and tell the world that you are going to do it so you can't get out of it. You are very brave..

Janet said...

Well, I don't know if it makes any difference to you, but I look forward to reading your blog every day. I'll regret it when the 30 days are out.

sestissimo said...

It makes all the difference to me Janet, thank you for saying that.

Brigitta said...

Why is it that so many bloggers think each and every of their posts must be good enough to win the next Pulitzer or Nobel prize? I, and I am sure most of your readers simply enjoy to read about your everyday (professional)live and about how you are. Never mind if not all your posts make Shakespeare swirl in his grave from envy.