Saturday, July 12, 2008

I've never been to the Bronx Zoo

I don't have a lot to say about the Bronx Zoo - Zoos are pretty similar anywhere you go in the world. But I will say that you haven't been to a zoo until you've been to the Butterfly habitat with a six year old girl. I was lucky enough to go to the zoo today with some friends of mine and their six year old twins, and going to a zoo with children makes it about a hundred times more interesting and magical than going with other adults. Everything is full of wonder and excitement when you're with a child, especially the butterfly world, which this little girl had her sights set on from the moment we entered the zoo. We took the special zoo train around to see the hippos and rhinos and the red panda, but Hadi was always anxious to see the butterflies. Then when we finally arrived in the butterfly habitat, she wanted nothing more than to hold one on her fingers or in her hands. Afterwards we got ice creams and the day was complete

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john said...

Just caught up on jennyblog. Love it. I seriously think that you will have a future as a writer. Maybe you can feel the crater-like hole with working on your first short story....titled "a girl in the city". Everyone loves to read about NYC and who better to write about it.
p.s.-why isn't my website linked on your blog????